This forum is dedicated to Jesus Christ and to serving Christian believers
and most specifically, those who were a part of the previous incarnation of Faith Assembly
and it's various outreaches under the direction of Hobart E. Freeman, Th.D.

The goal of this forum is to maintain and provide a source of theological information for the believers reference as well as a place to discuss these things in an open environment.

It is NOT the position or intent of this forum to tear down Dr Freeman,
nor to see what can be laid at his feet to blame him for.
It IS rather the intent of this forum to turn the hearts of believers and the unsaved
to the Living God of the Bible and away from lives of selfishness, the devil, that is to say satan, and the world with it's various allures of sin and false religious, and worldly philosophies.

*We make NO apologies for what the Bible teaches,
nor yet do we assume responsibility for how anyone applies or does not apply
the teachings / knowledge from the Bible or this site in their own life:
what YOU do with the Bible and / or with what you read on this site
is between YOU and God alone.

YOU must accept responsibility in making your OWN choices.

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